Making Ear Rings at Ootera

I enjoyed making ear rings at Ootera, Takaoka city.

DSCN7231 DSCN7232DSCN7214I made this for my Baby.

Left side, baby is in my stomach right side I just put Sola.

That’s mean sky in Japanese, I think my baby like sky…

DSCN7226With the owner, Mrs. Otera.

DSCN7229After she showed me a beautiful room and garden.

DSCN7217 DSCN7220 DSCN7219 DSCN7218 DSCN7221And I enjoyed Match there!


Oumi Ichiba ( Market Place )& Kenrokuen ( Castle & Park )

DSCN7170 DSCN7171 DSCN7172Oyster!

DSCN7173It was really big and delicious!!
DSCN7174And fresh crabs and shrimps…

DSCN7176 DSCN7177After we walked around castle and park.

DSCN7181 DSCN7182 DSCN7185 DSCN7187DSCN7190 DSCN7191 DSCN7194 DSCN7195 DSCN7198 DSCN7189Break time at LE MUSEE DE H

DSCN7201And dinner was sushi!

Sorry… I wasn’t able to take pics…

But place was Benkay.

It was really nice and delicious place.

It’s expensive but you can eat really fresh fish there!


Lunch with Auntie & Yoko

Long time no see…Auntie & cousin, Yoko…

DSCN6899DSCN6901Yoko, Auntie & Mom


DSCN6902We had lunch at Gusto.DSCN6909 DSCN6908Lots of different types of drinks!

DSCN6893 DSCN6894 DSCN6895 DSCN6896 DSCN6897 DSCN6898Avocado & shrimp salad.

DSCN6890Fried chicken with vinegar sauce.

DSCN6891We talked a lot and time to have some sweets…

DSCN6905 DSCN6906We stayed there about 4 hours and enjoyed a lot!

We really had a great time, I’m really glad to see them.

I wish I could meet them again pretty soon…