Cherry Blossom Wellness Salon

Good quality of Life,  Love, Peace and Healing

Move into spiral & Create inner beauty


Our method is to move in spiral motion and understand more details of the human body.
Bone alignment is the center of our focus then inner muscle…

If we concentrate on the Spine, Scapula, Sternum, Ribcage and pelvic areas,
We can develop a strong correct posture and avoid unnecessary pain.

We can also develop an individual workout system  & nutritional menu for each clients.
Assisting each clients with their fitness goals and health concerns, we achieve maximam results.

You will benefit from our deep stretch conditioning, muscle strengthening, spiral training,
You will achieve increased metabolism,  weight loss and enhanced energy.

Our training will facilitate a good quality of life, joy, happiness and peace.


Japanese Style Spiral Therapy Personal Training  

    1 Ticket             $35       
   5 Tickets           $160
10 Tickets          $250

 Yoga Class( Monthly)

     4 times a month     $30   
     8 times a month     $50        
      Drop-in $10                                                       

  Contemporary Dance Class ( Monthly )

       4 times a month    $40
       8 times a month    $60
​       Drop-in $15

  Nutrition Program ( Monthly ) 

        $50 a month

#Cash Only, All Session need Enrollment Fee  $20

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