Lunch with Mariko

Last day to see my friend, Mariko. I have to go back to America pretty soon…

We had lunch at the FLOWERS Common, Shibuya.

DSCN7431I got Shrimp & Tuna salad Rice.

DSCN7430Mariko got chicken plate.

DSCN7429I was surprised that Shibuya changed a lot!

DSCN7433 DSCN7432WOW! It was pretty dirty before but now it’s beautiful!

We talked a lot and break time…

I got strawberry cheese cake.

DSCN7435 DSCN7434I really love to hang out with her.

She is really sweet and nice, funny…

We were friend since we worked at Tully’s Coffee Shop at Roppongi.

She gave me a present for my baby.

DSCN7436And for me.

DSCN7437Thanks a lot, Mariko.

I hope to see you soon!!!  XOXO



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