Odawara Castle

Bye-bye Hakone…We will come again…

DSCN7365 DSCN7364Inside the train.

DSCN7367 DSCN7368 DSCN7366And we went to the Odawara Castle next day.

DSCN7372 DSCN7373 DSCN7376 DSCN7378 DSCN7381This is my first time and I was really excited to see this castle.

DSCN7383DSCN7384 DSCN7386At the rooftop.

DSCN7387Sun was glaring and I wasn’t able to open my eyes easy…

DSCN7391I’m really happy to come here!

I wanna bring my baby someday.

And we had lunch at U RO CO.

DSCN7406 DSCN7404We enjoyed really fresh fish, sashimi  bowl there.

DSCN7402It came with salad, side dishes and miso soup.

DSCN7401 DSCN7403We walked around again and we went to back home.

It was great trip.

Now… it’s almost time to prepare to go back to America…


Odawara Castle

Jonai6-1 Odawara Shi Kanagawa 250-0014



Sakae 1-10-1-102 Odawawa Shi Kanagawa 250-0011




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