Shirakawa-go ( Goverment Designated Important Cultural Property )

scenery of Shirakawa-go.

DSCN7250 DSCN7251 DSCN7252 DSCN7253 DSCN7255 DSCN7257 DSCN7258 DSCN7259 DSCN7261 DSCN7262 DSCN7264 DSCN7265 DSCN7266 DSCN7272 DSCN7274 DSCN7275And snacks, Hida beef and Match ice cream!

DSCN7279 DSCN7281And walked around…

DSCN7280 DSCN7283 DSCN7285 DSCN7286 DSCN7287 DSCN7291 DSCN7290I got souvenir there, I enjoyed eating Ramen with my family!



Now time to go back home…

I really enjoyed trip to Kanazawa, Takaoka and Shirakawa!

I wanna come here again!!

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